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Other News


Shitoryu Kata Seminar Melbourne 22nd Febuary 2014

An exceptional technical seminar covering some of Shitoryu’s characteristics &  Chatanyara Kusanku The seminar is recommended to all medium to high level Competitors, Coaches, Kata Judges & Shitoryu based practitioners Seminar Cost: $60 (Recommended for 14yrs & above) 10:00am – … [Read More...]


Jon Rawlings Receives 6th Dan from Kazutoshi Sensei

Jon Rawlings received 6th Dan certificate from Kazutoshi Sensei during his Brisbane visit in 2013. Nakanishi Sensei and Sakai Sensei  (Kenseikan Advisor) Tainen Takemori Kancho  original students approved the grading. This grading complements the AKF 6th Dan grading Jon received from John … [Read More...]


Kazutoshi Sensei visit in 2013

Kazutoshi Senseis' visit to hold gradings, and conduct seminars on Kumite, Kata and Basic, was like a breath of fresh air. His manner and teaching methods was brilliant, focusing on Balance, Speed and Power through natural body movements. During the 2 days we all learnt more about relaxing and … [Read More...]

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Tournament News


Referee Seminar Refresher Saturday 15th March

Details on the Referee seminar on Saturday 15th March from 1pm-4pm The location is the Logan Metro Sports Venue This is a compulsory seminar for officials at the Summer Tournament and is free. … [Read More...]


QKA Summer Tournament 2014

The tournament is a one day event on Saturday 22nd March and will be starting at 8am. Note the closing date for entries is 7th March If you wish to enter, you need to contact your head of style for an entry form … [Read More...]


2014 Sunshine Coast Karate Championship

The Sunshine Coast Championship of 2014 is being help at the St Andrews College 40 Peregian Springs Drive Peregian Springs It is being held on Sunday 2nd March from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm A Referees and Rules Seminar will be held on Saturday 1st March from 6 pm at the … [Read More...]

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Club Gradings

australian kenseikan karatedo logo

Term 4 Gradings 2013

Term 4 gradings and 2013 Sport Karate and Dojo awards were held at Kenseikan Dojo on the 20th December. Kata and basics over all were of a good level with all students doing their very best. Kumite was as usual, high spirited and strong. Congratulations to all who were successful in grading … [Read More...]


Term 2 Gradings 2013

Gradings were held during Kazutoshi Senseis' visit. 2 Nidan, 2 Shodan and 13 Kyu students were graded. Congratulations to all, it was special having Kazutoshi Sensei present, and he was happy with the results. Nidan - Lily and Ryley Shodan - Daniel and Allannah 2nd Kyu - Hannah, Nick … [Read More...]

australian kenseikan karatedo logo

Term 1 Gradings 2013

Ten students were successfully graded in the Basic, Kata and Kumite requirements of Kenseikan Dojo. The students were 8th Kyu Sean Noone, George Noone, Daniel Sargent 5th Kyu Liam Bienkowski, Emme Bienkowski 4th Kyu Barry Schramm 3rd Kyu Hannah Wilson, Blake Schramm 1st Kyu Elizabeth … [Read More...]

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