Kazutoshi Sensei visit in 2013

Kazutoshi Senseis’ visit to hold gradings, and conduct seminars on Kumite, Kata and Basic, was like a breath of fresh air.

His manner and teaching methods was brilliant, focusing on Balance, Speed and Power through natural body movements.

During the 2 days we all learnt more about relaxing and then exploding into the technique.

The Kata Unsu was a highlight, with a lot of time spent on the jump and kick section.

A Welcome Party was held at Andrew and Tanyas’ house, with great food and wine.

After training on Sunday a BBQ and cricket match was held in the park near the Dojo.

Kazutoshi Sensei had more of a base ball swing in his batting style, and spread the field many times with some good hits.

Plans are under way for a visit to Japan next year possibly in the April School Holidays 2014.