Term 4 Gradings 2013

Term 4 gradings and 2013 Sport Karate and Dojo awards were held at Kenseikan Dojo on the 20th December.
Kata and basics over all were of a good level with all students doing their very best.

Kumite was as usual, high spirited and strong.

Congratulations to all who were successful in grading and well done to to all the award winners.

7th Kyu

Susan Jorgensen, Lily Jorgensen, Josh Colless

6th Kyu

Sean Noone, George Noone, Samual Ryan, William Ryan, Daniel Sargent

4th Kyu

Liam Bienkowski, Emme Bienkpwski

3rd Kyu

Sam Wilson

1st Kyu

Ivy Neal, Ava Paddison, Blake Schramm.