Club at Kristina Mah Seminar

Kristina Mah Seminar

Juniors at Kristina Mah Seminar

Nine Kenseikan Brisbane members attended the Kristina Mah  Kumite Seminar. Kristina is the  Female U61 Kg  World Kumite Champion and she was assisted by her coach, Shihan George Barounis.

The members gained an insight into elite kumite strategies and the training and dedication to be a world champion. The training was intense but all enjoyed it immensely. Kristina and Shihan Barounis were extremely helpful and gave freely or their knowledge and time. This was a seminar well worth attending and congratulations to the QKA for arranging it.

The  eight juniors who attended were Allanah & Kyle Schramm, Lily Neal, Kyley Robertson, Cameron Marshall, David Walland and Ned & Daniel  Paddison.

The senior member who attended was Amie Whittington