Term 2 Gradings

Term 2 Grading

Term 2 gradings were held at the Kenseikan North Brisbane dojo with 22 students successfull. Seniors, juniors, parents and friends were present and congratulated the students on their basic and kata efforts. There was a general improvement in stances and Kime (speed, balance and power)

8th kyu
Nate Mcgillvray,Sebastien Barstys, Emme Bienkowski
7th kyu
Amelia Fulton, Oscar Neal, Cara Wood, Rex Hanley, Elliott Mills, George Mckechnie, Sam Wilson, Shae Frazer
6th kyu
Daniel Thorman, Ryan Thorman, Nic Wilson, Hannah Wilson
5th kyu
Max Mckechnie
4th kyu
David Wall, Kamden Tinsley
3rd kyu
Ivy Neal, Ava Paddison, Christian Mills
2nd kyu
Elizabeth Neal