7th WKF World Junior & Cadet Championships

7th WKF Junior & Cadet Championships

7th WKF Junior & Cadet Championships

The 7th World Junior & Cadet Championships and Under 21 World Cup will be held from Thursday, 13th October 11 to Sunday, 16th October 11 in Melaka, Malaysia.
The event which is sanctioned by the WKF and organised by the Malaysian Karate Federation should be a tremendous event  success with athletes from all over the world competing for the WKF champions title.

The Malaysian Karate Federation has already hosted the 1994 World Senior Championships. When it holds this competition,  the Malaysian Karate Federation is going to become the only National Federation in Asia to have hosted both the Senior and the Junior & Cadet World Championships.

Jon Rawlins will be attending the championship in his role as a WKF judge.

Full Details of the event to be found here