QKA Rockhampton Regional Open 2011

QKAThe QKA Rockhampton Regional Open is being held on 3rd September. Registrations are due back on the 20th August.

Members of Seikukan North Brisbane will be attending and Jon will be officiating.

This is a QKA sanctioned event and will be held under QKA rules.

This will be a great chance for students to compete and get experience in a friendly atmosphere.


Details about the Event

Venue:- North Rockhampton State High School, Berserker Street, North Rockhampton

1. There will be no repecharge system used for this tournament.
2. Kyu grades will only be eligible for Kyu grade events.
3. 1st & 2nd place in Kyu Grade events are eligible for the Black Belt Division / Event.
1. All Kyu orade bouts will be 2 minutes.
2. Bouts for Children, 16-17yrs and Female Kumite divisions will be 2 minutes.
3. Senior male divisions will be 3 minutes.
1. AKF or WKF approved red and blue hand mitts (and Groins Guards for Males)
2. All competitors must wear a correctly fitting mouthguard.
3. AKF/WKF approved Shin/lnstep protectors for all competitors, being red & blue only.
4. Chest protection (for Females) 16 years and older.
1. Chest protection (for Females) – 15 years and younger.
1. 16-17yrs can compete in Open Kata events also.
2. Different Kata to be performed in each round for Senior events.
3. Children Kata as per AKF rules
4. Children 8-9 can repeat each round, 10-1 1 can repeat but not in consecutive rounds
5. Children 12 yrs and above no repeats

Marshalling Commences @ 7.45am Saturday
First Event @ 8.am Saturday


  • Will, as far as practicable, observe the rules of Karate competition.
  • Comply with all reasonable requests made by the Tournament Organisers andior their assistants
  • Will not interfere with the running of the Tournament through any action or verbal communication
  • Parents and/or Guardians of competitors will be responsible for the behaviour of any friends or relatives in their company
  • Will not interfere with the duties or performance of organisers, referees, coaches or table officials
  • Understand that any unruly or undesirable behaviour by parents or spectators adversely affects the interests and
  • Standing of the QLD Karate Assoc. lnc
  • Acknowledge that where this code of conduct is contravened that it may result in the exclusion of the parent or
  • Spectator from the Venue