Lily Neal & Ryley Robinson Achieve Shodan

Lily Neal & Ryley Robinson -Shodan

On Saturday, 17th September 2011 Lily Neal and Ryley Robertson were graded Junior Shodans in Karate-do. The Grading Panel consisted of Denis Meakin 6th Dan,  and Jon Rawlins 5th Dan Instructors of Kenseikan and Jon presented Ryley and Lily with their certificates.

This was a tremendous achievement for both Ryley and Lily as they have been training with Jon for 4 years

Jon made the following observation after the Grading:

Lily and Ryley showed the necessary requirements for Shodan with their performances of Jion & Kankudai Kata. In Jion they showed the basic Budo elements of Karate-do whilst in kankudai they showed true fighting spirit. Congratulations to both”

As well as the Black Belt Gradings, Kyu grading were held at the Dojo on the 17th September

The following students were successful in their Gradings

1st Kyu

Alannah Schramm

6th Kyu

Shae Frazer, Rex Hanley and Barry Schramm

An End of Term and Grading Party was held after the Gradings – Congratulations to all who graded

Grading 17 September 2011