Term 4 Gradings 2013

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Term 4 gradings and 2013 Sport Karate and Dojo awards were held at Kenseikan Dojo on the 20th December. Kata and basics over all were of a good level with all students doing their very best. Kumite was as usual, high spirited and strong. Congratulations to all who were successful in grading and well done […]

Term 2 Gradings 2013


Gradings were held during Kazutoshi Senseis’ visit. 2 Nidan, 2 Shodan and 13 Kyu students were graded. Congratulations to all, it was special having Kazutoshi Sensei present, and he was happy with the results. Nidan – Lily and Ryley Shodan – Daniel and Allannah 2nd Kyu – Hannah, Nick and Blake 3rd Kyu – Barry […]

Term 1 Gradings 2013

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Ten students were successfully graded in the Basic, Kata and Kumite requirements of Kenseikan Dojo. The students were 8th Kyu Sean Noone, George Noone, Daniel Sargent 5th Kyu Liam Bienkowski, Emme Bienkowski 4th Kyu Barry Schramm 3rd Kyu Hannah Wilson, Blake Schramm 1st Kyu Elizabeth Neal, Nick Lovison Congratulations to all, with a special mention […]

Term 3 Gradings


Term 3 Gradings were held at the dojo  and fifteen students were successful in the gradings. 8th Kyu Sam Wilson, Shae Fraser, Elliott Mills, George McKechnie 7th Kyu Hannah Wilson, Nic Wilson, Barry Schramm, Julie Thorman, Liam Bienkowski 6th Kyu Bill Cogdale, Asha Tinsley 5th Kyu Kamden Tinsley, Blake Schramm 2nd Kyu Daniel Paddison, Ned […]