Kenseikan Dojo

Kenseikan Karate-Do

Kenseikan Karate Do is a member of the Japan Karate Federation and the Australian Karate Federation and follows a traditional Shotokan style whose founder was Gichin Funakoshi.

The meaning of Kenseikan in its pure form is – “Ken” is a fist, and “Sei” is life. Adding a Zen influence it translates as –
“Live your life believing in the power of your own true self”.

This understanding sums up Kenseikan’s Head Instructor Kazutoshi Oda and Australia’s’ Chief Instructor Jon Rawlings. Both Kazutoshi Sensei and JR have trained in Karate Do for over 35 years and were taught and guided by Nakanishi Sensei, Kiyohara Sensei, Sakai Sensei, Takemori Sensei and John Halpin.

Kazutoshi Sensei and JR were shown a new and different path from their original Dojo, and have forged a close friendship based on two deep and creative people, Tainen Takemori Kancho, the founder of Seikukan Japan, and John Halpin, the founder of Seikukan Australia.

Kenseikan Dojo

Kenseikan Karate Dojo’s are affiliated with the State Body (QKA), who are affiliated with the National Body (AKF). The AKF is the official Karate Federation of the Australian government. The AKF is a member of the Oceania Karate Federation, which in turn is a member of the World Karate Federation.

Jon Rawlings, the Kenseikan Karate-Do Chief Instructor, is an executive member of the QKA and a member of the AKF referee council. Jon is also an Oceania Kata judge, and a World Kumite judge. This allows students of the AKK Club to learn traditional martial arts and provides the opportunity to represent their club, State or Country at official Karate competitions