Kenseikan Tournament Results

2013 National Championships Hobart

Great results for Kenseikan Members in the Qld  team.

  • Lily – silver medal in Kumite and Team Kumite
  • Daniel – silver medal in Kumite and Team Kumite
  • Kyle – gold medal in Kumite
  • Ryley – bronze medal in Kumite and silver in Team Kumite
  • Allannah – bronze medal in Kata, Kumite and Team Kumite

All 5 members have qualified for the Commonwealth Championships in Canada in October. To represent Australia is a great honor and congratulations to all.

May QLD Open Championships

9 Kenseikan students have been selected in the Queensland team to compete at the AKF 2013 National Championships in Hobart,Tasmania in August.

Kenseikan was very successful  at the at the recent State Championships with 5 Gold, 1 Silver and 5 Bronze medals being awarded in the Kata and Kumite events to Lily,Daniel, Allannah, Ned, Kyle, Ivy, Ava and Blake. They were all selected on the Queensland Team. Because of his recent results, Ryley was also selected. Injury had prevented him from competing at the selection tournament.

April New Zealand Open

The New Zealand Open held in Christchurch in April bought together the Oceania countries for a high level and hard fought tournament. The Kata was explosive and the timing and power was a highlight. The Kumite showed great spirit and well controlled combat skills. The team bouts were very exciting and passionate.

Lily gained a Bronze medal in Kata and in individual Kumite, and a Gold medal in the team event. Ryley earned a Bronze medal in individual Kumite and Bronze in the team event. Congratulations to both.

April Kansai Shito Ryu Open

9 students – Ava, Blake, Rex, Marie, Ivy, Ned, Kyle, Allannah, Daniel, Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to all Kenseikan students, in Team Kata, Kata and Kumite. A good tournament for gaining experience in Sports Karate for our younger members.

April Australian Open Melbourne

4 students – Lily, Ryley, Alannah, Kyle – Bronze for Lily and Ryley in Kumite. A special mention to Allannah and Kyle who reached Bronze medal matches and showed real fighting spirit.

March QLD Summer Championships

11 students – Blake, Ava, Rex, Marie, Ivy, Ned, Kyle, Alannah, Daniel, Ryley, Lily. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to all students in Team Kata, Kata and Kumite. A solid start to the Sports Karate year for Kenseikan students.

February Sunshine Coast Open

15 Kenseikan students attended the Sunshine Coast Open in Noosa, with Gold , Silver and Bronze medals won in the Kata and Kumite events. This is a friendly and open tournament for new sports Karate competitors.

A good solid effort by all wit a special mention to, Rex, Marie, Blake and Ava,our young champions of tomorrow.

Oceania Tournament Sydney

Lily Neal won 2 Gold Medals at the Oceania Championship. Lily is the Oceania Girls 13 year 50 kg Kumite champion as well as a member of the Winning 13 year kumite team. Lily did not lose a fight in the championship. Well done Lily