Kenseikan at Sydney International 2011

Lily & Riley with Medals

Riley Robinson, Lily Neal and Michael Pilgujski, Kenseikan Karate Dojo members attended the inaugural Sydney International Open Championships on the 5th to 6th February 2011. Cameron Marshall trained for the event but due to an inner ear infection, could not attend.

The International attracted competitors from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Caledonia France and Fiji. The kata competition was of a very high standard with International judges officiating. All the SKK students performed well in the kata with Lily losing the Bronze medal match in a close decision.

The kumite competition was very competitive with a display of strong fighting with good control. Michael was very unlucky in the first round as he scored a perfect jodan kick just after time was called. All judges scored the kick but it was a second too late Ryley and Lily won bronze in their divisions, showing great spirit and sound defence with enterprising attack.

Jon Rawlings also attended the WKF New Rules and Procedures seminars for judges and referees and the kata seminar where three times WKF World Kata champion Sakamoto Sensei from Japan taught the kata Anan. The WKF rules and procedures were trailed at the event. They will also be trailed at the Paris and US open before a decision will be made if they will implemented

Lily Kata

Ryley Kata

Jon, Lily & Ryley

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